Photography is in my genes, literally.

I come from a line of creatives. My father was a photographer. His brother, my uncle, was an artist and a photographer. My grandfather was a photo engraver. I couldn’t ignore the same calling within myself. My father is the driving force behind my love for photography. He worked in advertising as a commercial photographer in Chicago and lost his battle with lung cancer when I was around seven years old. The reason I create is because of him. It’s the closest thing I can do to keep his memory alive and it’s a reminder that a part of him is always working through me.

Who Am I?

✘ Full-fledged empath and The Office quoter.

✘ I'm a coffee addict. I drink iced Americano's everyday, even in the winter.

✘ My love for Mexican food is taking over my life.

✘ I grew up in Illinois, but have lived in San Diego, Hawaii, and the Philippines. I currently reside outside Chicago with my husband, Julio, and our two rescued mutts: Dempsey and Carmelita.

✘ Animals are my first love, and I have worked in many animal-related fields over the past two decades. I photograph a lot of animal portraits in my free time and volunteer my services for a farm sanctuary. You can view a lot of my animal work on this site and also on Instagram @equinebyleah.

Nominated as one of the 100 Photographers to Watch in 2018